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Building Inspection and Bylaw Enforcement



Building Inspection

The goal of the Building Inspection Department is to ensure the health, safety and protection of persons and property. Inspections ensure that renovation or construction work complies with the relevant bylaws, the BC Building Code and other applicable standards. Inspections also ensure the work done matches the work described under the permit.

The Building Inspection Department administers Building Regulations Bylaw 700 and through this bylaw, the BC Building Code and other regulations.

For information on the BC Fire Code, BC Building Code and BC Plumbing Service, click here.

The Building Regulations Bylaw outlines

- building permit application requirements
- building permit fees
- roles and responsibilities of the owner(s) and the municipality
- inspection requirements

Please note it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure compliance with Provincial Regulations.  Such regulations include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential developments require the submission of the applicable form from the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) at the building permit application stage. Additional information may be found on the Homeowner Protection Office website. 
  • If the development is not serviced by the municipal sanitary sewer system, the services of a Registered on-site Wastewater Practitioner, or Professional Engineer, will be required.  The building permit application must be accompanied by a sewerage disposal report and plan in accordance with Interior Health Authority requirements.
  • If the development is located within 30m of a watercourse or body of water, the Riparian Areas Regulation may apply.  A Riparian Assessment Report prepared by a qualified Environmental Professional must be submitted with the building permit application.

Before planning any construction, please check with the District to determine what is allowed on your property under the District of Sicamous Zoning Bylaw No. 101, 1993.  The Zoning Bylaw Regulations will provide information including, but not limited to, permitted uses, setbacks, allowable lot coverage, parking requirements, and floodplain provisions.  In addition, the Official Community Plan (OCP) may require the issuance of a Development Permit to address form and character of a development, or environmental issues.

To avoid unnecessary delays in issuing a Building Permit, please ensure that all forms are complete and the information submitted is accurate.  Please visit the Building Regulations Bylaw for all required information.  It is recommended you contact the Building Department to discuss submission requirements.  Please note it is the applicant's responsibility to review and ensure compliance with District Bylaws and Regulations.

To view the District's monthly Building Permit Reports, click here.

Bylaw Enforcement

The District's Building Inspectors function as Bylaw Enforcement Officers year round and additional seasonal bylaw enforcement is provided during the summer.

The role of Bylaw Services is to obtain compliance with regulations to ensure the protection of neighbours and the community within the District of Sicamous. The mandate of the Bylaw Enforcement Officers is to identify, investigate, mediate and resolve bylaw violations and provide enforcement.

The District has many regulatory bylaws regarding land use, parking, noise, signage, and unsightly premises to name a few. Please note the District cannot accept "anonymous" complaints.  In order for the District to attend to your concern, complaints must be made in writing.  Complainant information is considered confidential and will not be released to the person whose property is under complaint or the public unless an order has been made by the Provincial Information and Privacy Commissioner or a court of competent jurisdiction. If you have a concern in regards to a bylaw infraction occurring within the District of Sicamous, please complete the complaint form.

Information on the interpretation or enforcement of District bylaws may be obtained by contacting the Building Inspection Department.