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Corporate Services



The Corporate Services Department carries out the statutory responsibilities of the Corporate Officer as outlined in the Community Charter. The Department is also responsible for: organizing and recording Council meetings, preparing Council and Committee agendas and minutes, receiving delegation requests for Council meetings, processing City bylaws, overseeing the City’s records management program and making records available to the public, conducting municipal elections, and receiving Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy requests.

Reporting to the Mayor and Council, the District Administration Department has the following mission, goals and objectives and general duties.

Mission and Values Statement

Our Mission:
Our mission is to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Sicamous; to manage or provide safe, efficient and cost effective municipal services; and to plan for healthy, productive and balanced growth.  We will work in partnership with citizens to realize
the full potential of Sicamous.

Our Values:
Leadership:            To provide dynamic, proactive and responsive leadership.
Quality of Service: To provide a high quality of service commensurate with our resources. 
                                This will be balanced with need for services and the community's ability to pay.
Efficiency:              To operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.
Communications:  To encourage open communications and dialogue between the District and its citizens.
Planning:                To manage growth and change, planning for the future, ensuring we do not sacrifice long term goals for short term gains. 
                                 This effort will be guided by the Official Community Plan and the Strategic Servicing Plan.
Finance:                  To manage our financial resources in a responsible manner.
Partnership:            We will continue to work with the citizens of the District and encourage them to enter into partnerships with us for the
                                 provision of services within our community and to achieve shared goals.  
Environmental:       We will act as stewards for a clean and safe community, helping ensure citizens have a healthy environment to thrive in, now and in the future.

General Duties
- Develop short and long-term plans and advise Council on policy matters.
- Execute Council policy, programs and special projects.
- Oversee financial and human resources.
- Liaise with government/community representatives, organizations and citizens.