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Eagle Valley & District Cemetery


Eagle Valley & District Cemetery
(Solsqua Cemetery)

Grave Site Listing

Cemetery Map  (Please note this is not an interactive map.)

The Eagle Valley & District Cemetery (also known as the Solsqua Cemetery) is located approximately five km. north at 1711 Cemetery Road, off the Solsqua Sicamous Road.  It is planned and administered out of the District office.

In 2005, the Council approved a new project at the Cemetery involving a Memorial Wall and Garden and encouraged residents to donate towards the project. Even though the project to complete the Memorial Wall and Garden could not be completed with the donations collected, they still wanted to proceed with a portion of the project and would make up the differences in costs with the remaining cemetery operating budget.  A brick pathway to a circular garden area was completed late in 2004 and benches installed in 2005. In 2006 an angel statue in the centre of the memorial garden was added. Many memorial roses with plaques have been planted in the garden in memory of loved ones.  Persons interested in provide a hybrid rose and memorial plaque are encouraged to call the District office at 836-2477 for detail.


Donations to the cemetery are always welcome, either in memory of a loved one or simply as a gift to the community.  Popular donations include trees or sitting benches.

Burial arrangements are typically arranged by private funeral service providers, however, you may make arrangements personally if you prefer, by calling the District office.  Cemetery fees are set by bylaw at a level which attempts to cover annual operating costs and set aside fees for perpetual care of the facility after it is full.  
Cemetery fees are contained within the District's Fees and Charges Bylaw.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free) installed on your computer to view this file.