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InTouch (Complaints or Suggestions)


In an effort to provide additional customer service to its residents and visitors, the District provides an alternative method to submit complaints or suggestions through our website.  This is your Community Voice page.

InTouch is a program which allows internet users to submit a complaint/suggestion directly to the District.  The program will assign a "tracking number" in order that the customer may review their submission and allows District staff to "track" a complaint to ensure it is resolved.  Fields marked with a red asterisk(*) must be completed.  For individuals submitting a suggestion, please provide your comments on the "details of incident" section of the form.

Once you click on "submit", your complaint/suggestion will be sent to the District where a specific staff person will be assigned to investigate and respond.

Users:  Personal information (name, address, etc.) is required in order to respond to your submission.  Please note it is confidential information and will not be released nor used for other purposes.

submit a complaint or suggestion