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Mosquito Control


Mosquito Control

As well as providing mosquito control for the District of Sicamous, the District contracts with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District to provide service to the area immediately outside the District of Sicamous boundaries.

Landowners and Residents

Landowners and residents are encouraged to take pro-active measures in the reduction of mosquito breeding areas, such as filling in low-lying areas that hold water.  You can attempt to improve the drainage of certain areas that hold water allowing them to dry up and removing them from the breeding equation much sooner, a desirable and permanent solution.  Landscape design can also benefit the landowner.  Reducing foundation plantings around buildings will allow air to flow freely and eliminate areas that may provide habitat and shelter.  Removal of dense brush, especially near residences, also reduces the number of places for the mosquitoes to take shelter.  Clipping lawns frequently especially during the warmer part of the day will destroy shelter and move the adults further away from your living space.  Water troughs should be checked at least once a week and if insect activity is observed the water should be drained completely before refilling.  Buckets, old tires and any other container that will hold water should be checked and emptied or stored in such a manner as to remain dry.  Blocked downspouts will retain water in eaves troughs and provide a breeding site and should therefore be checked and cleaned periodically to keep them open.  It takes only a small amount of water to provide a nursery for hundreds or even thousands of mosquito larvae.

Above ground decks provide better protection from the nuisance of mosquitoes than ground level decks.  A screened in porch or a screen house is an excellent way to continue to enjoy the outdoors during heavy infestations.  Obviously wearing long sleeved shirts and trousers will reduce the possibility of being bitten. Smudge pots can be helpful when working outside.  The use of insect repellent on clothing gives excellent protection.

The District of Sicamous will continue to work hard at managing the mosquito populations in our area but during times of heavy infestations, usually during a year of high flood water, heavy infestations will continue to occur.  Employing some of these suggestions may add to the quality of life during these outbreaks and help reduce the requirement for adulticiding.  We hope you have found this information helpful and if you have any further inquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Mosquito Abatement Team at the District of Sicamous Public Works Shop at 836-4105.


Sicamous Mosquito Pest Management Plan - Draft