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Planning and Development


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The Planning Department is responsible for all land use planning within the District of Sicamous.  Taking into account various Council approved planning documents, the Planning Department advises Council on ways to meet the community objectives.  In order to achieve the community objectives, the implications of a wide range of social, economic, physical and environmental issues are considered.  The Department also provides land use planning information to the business community and local residents as well as non-residents.

The Planning Department refers to a number of documents to provide guidance for land use planning including:

Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a formal document that is adopted by Council in the form of a Bylaw.  The intent of an OCP is to guide Council decisions with respect to policies relating to residential and commercial development, industrial activity, transportation infrastructure, agricultural and recreational land uses, and environmental considerations.  An OCP also identifies where future development should occur within the community, including the approximate location and phasing of major roads and walkways.  The OCP is the guiding vision for the development of a community.
Planning Documents
Official Community Plan
Affordable Housing Strategy
Growth Management Strategy

Zoning Bylaw
The Zoning Bylaw specifies zones and defines permitted uses within each zone. The Bylaw also regulates building height, building size, setbacks from property lines, density and minimum lot areas. 
Zoning Bylaw  No. 101, 1993 is under review to bring it into compliance with the OCP and current legislation.
Zoning Bylaw
Zoning Bylaw Review Timeline

Subdivision and Development Servicing
This is adopted by Council in a Bylaw form that regulates the servicing that is required when a property is subdivided or developed within the District.  The Bylaw establishes standards for items such as water supply, provision of sewer service, storm water management, sidewalks and street lights.

Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw    (This is a large document and takes a moment to load.)

These three Bylaws, the Official Community Plan, the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, are adopted by the District of Sicamous Council to reflect the community standards of the District.  However, these Bylaws must also be developed in accordance with the Provincial requirements of the Local Government Act which regulates how the District may operate.

The Planning Department must also ensure that the Provincially mandated Acts and Regulations such as the Riparian Areas Regulations and the Agricultural Land Commission Act are complied with.  As the District Bylaws are updated, they also must address climate action as required by the Province.  Sustainability planning is a broad term and it will include setting targets for community emissions and providing actions to meet those goals such as residential heating and active transportation methods including walkways and bicycle lanes.

The Planning Department reviews and provides guidance to Council for applications such as Official Community Plan Amendments, Zoning Amendments, Development Permits and Development Variance Permits. 

Development Proposal Application Form
Subdivision Application Form
Notes on Current Major Projects
Mara Lake Resort Development Permit - At its Regular Meeting of July 12, 2017 Council supported the Development Permit application, with conditions, for a 73 unit hotel and conference centre. The Staff Report and drawings may be accessed through the following link: Mara Lake Report DP.
For planning related inquiries, please contact:

Melinda Smyrl, Planner  
Phone: 250-836-5261