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Public Participation


Public Participation

There are many types of meetings involving Council that are open to the public, including all Regular Council meetings, Committee of the Whole meetings, Standing & Select Committee meetings, all public information meetings, and all Public Hearings.

Public participation may take place in a number of ways. Typically, the direct methods of participation include the following:

· appear as a delegation at either Regular Council or Committee of the Whole meetings
· speak at a Public Hearing
· speak at a Public Information Meeting

Indirect methods of participation may include correspondence or telephone calls to either members of Council or staff, or by simply attending and observing Committee and Council meetings.


Delegations may appear at either Regular Council or Committee of the Whole meetings. Persons and/or organizations wishing to make a public presentation to Council are required to complete a Delegation Request Form. Requests and presentation materials must be submitted to the Corporate Services Department by 4:30 pm the Wednesday prior to the applicable meeting. 

The request must include
- the name, address and telephone number of the person that will address Council
- the name of the organization represented, if applicable
- a description of the matter to be presented
- the specifics of the request being made of Council 

Presentations are limited to fifteen minutes and limited to the person who requested to appear as a delegation. Please ensure that your remarks are directed to the Chair. If questioned by Council, address your answer to the Chair.

Public Hearings

Public Hearings are part of the statutory requirements in considering bylaws related to the District of Sicamous Official Community Plan Bylaw and Zoning Bylaw.

Public Hearings provide the public with a forum to express their concerns and opinions related to the specific bylaw or bylaw amendment being considered. Council uses this forum as part of the process of gathering relevant information on which its decisions are based. Once a Public Hearing related to a particular bylaw has ended, Council cannot receive any additional information from the public related to the matter.

It is not necessary to request to appear at a Public Hearing. Anyone who feels their interests are affected by the bylaw may make relevant comments, in a courteous and orderly manner. Written submissions may be presented in conjunction with, or instead of oral submissions. Written submissions may also be filed with the Corporate Officer prior to the close of the Public Hearing. These submissions will form part of the record of the Public Hearing. Although there is no formal time limit, speakers are encouraged to remember that other members of the public may wish to make presentations. Anyone wishing to speak a second time must wait until other members of the public have had the opportunity to speak.

Public Hearings are advertised in accordance with the Local Government Act and are open to all members of the public. Public Hearings are held in Council Chambers, District Office, 446 Main Street, Sicamous, BC.

Public Information Meetings

Council may also hold public information meetings to provide a forum to present and exchange information related to a specific topic, including the presentation of the annual budget, the community sewer system, Council’s Strategic Servicing Plan and other topics of significant public concern. The intent of these meetings is to provide accurate, factual information to the public as well as to provide the public with an opportunity to ask Council or staff questions. Public information meetings are advertised in advance of the meeting date and are open to all members of the public. 

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