Request for Expression of Interest

Posted On: Dec 04, 2017

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Project: Main Street Redevelopment

The District is seeking detailed applications from interested parties (“Applicants”) to design, develop, own, operate and finance a mixed residential and commercial development or developments (the “Development”) on certain strategically located private lands on Main Street in the District’s core (the “Lands”). The Development would provide economic return for the developer while also delivering revitalization and redevelopment of the downtown. The District will partner with the successful proponent to the full extent permitted under provincial laws, including in regard to public parking, servicing, open space, amenities and possibly a revitalization tax exemption bylaw. The District anticipates commencement of construction to begin in the fall of 2018 or earlier. Applicants with demonstrated experience in land development are invited to respond.

Request for Expression of Interest documents are available on the District of Sicamous website.

For all inquiries, contact Evan Parliament, Town Manager/Corporate Officer in writing via email or fax: 250-836-4314 before February 23, 2018.