Current Developments

Mara Lake Resort Development

Council has granted conditional approval to Development Permit Application No. 15-116-DP, which proposes to construct a 73 unit hotel and conference centre at 01 Sicamous Creek Frontage Road. 

View staff reports regarding this development application. 

Carriage Houses & Garden Suites

On June 13, 2018 Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 949 which allow owners of residential property in the R1&2 Single and Two Family Residential zone to re-zone to R1C – Single Family with Detached Dwelling zone in order to construct a carriage house or garden suite. 

View the presentation to Council on Carriage Houses & Garden Suites.

433 Main Street

The owner of 433 Main Street is renovating the old Maggie’s Diner into a Professional Office.

View drawings submitted in support of the development.