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Development FAQ

The Official Community Plan (OCP) designates Development Permit Areas and guidelines for development within those areas. The guidelines for development within those defined areas are found in the OCP and developers are encouraged to consult with the Development Services Department on development within these areas.

Development Permit Areas Include:

  • Town Centre 
  • Highway Commercial 
  • Industrial Development 
  • Watercourse Development

In addition to Development Permit Areas, multi-family development or development within Riparian Areas requires development permit approval prior to construction or site preparation.


The District's Zoning Bylaw includes a map and zoning districts for every property within the municipal boundary. The Maps section of the website is useful in determining the zoning of your property and includes other important information.

If you are uncertain about the property zoning, please contact the Development Services Department at 250-836-2477 or email 

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) allows for the relaxation of certain Zoning Bylaw requirements such as the setbacks of a lot line or building height restrictions. 

A DVP is required whenever proposed construction does not meet the requirements of the: 

  • the Zoning Bylaw;
  • a sign bylaw;
  • a land use contract.

The DVP Application Process 

Once a DVP application is received and reviewed by Staff, Public Notifications are mailed to property owners and tenants within a 50-metre radius of the subject property and are provided the opportunity to express their views either in writing prior to the Public Hearing or in-person during the Public Hearing. Written Public Notification is mailed approximately 28 days prior to the scheduled Public Hearing.

Public Hearings are held during Regular Council Meetings. Any written comments received are included in the Staff Report presented to Council for its consideration of the DVP Application. During this time a draft permit is also considered. 

If Council approves and authorizes issuance of the DVP, a Notice of Permit is registered with the Land Titles Office on the Title of the property. Upon confirmation that the Notice of Permit has been registered on title, the applicant is notified and will be sent a copy of the Notice of Registration.

If Council approves and authorizes issuance of the DVP, a Notice of Permit is registered with Land Titles on the Title of the property. Upon confirmation that the Notice of Permit has been registered on title, the applicant is notified and will be sent a copy of the Notice of Registration.

DVP Application Fees

  • $300 Application Fee
  • $100 for Contaminated Sites Profile Form 

DVP Application Form 

In situations where your proposal does comply with permitted uses or density indicated in the District's Zoning Bylaw, a Rezoning Application is required. It is important to note that Rezoning Applications involve a lengthier review and ultimate approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure; therefore, can be costly to the applicant. 

If you are considering a rezoning application, please contact the Development Services Department for more information. 

Applicable Rezoning/OCP Amendment Application Fees

As outlined within the Fees and Charges Bylaw 740, 2009.

  • $700 Application Fee
  • $450 Single Submission for Public Hearing
  • $550 Double Submission for Public Hearing
  • $300 Sign Rental Fee
  • $100 Contaminated Sites Profile Form 

Rezoning/OCP Amendment Form 

Yes, the District has a Revitalization Tax Exemption Program for construction and renovation projects on properties located within the following Zones: Town Centre, Industrial, Highway Commercial, and Hotel Development Areas. 

The tax exemption applies to municipal taxes on improvements only.

How to Apply

Complete the online Revitalization Tax Exemption Application or download the form. The completed form may be emailed to or delivered in person at Municipal Hall located at 446 Main Street between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Along with the completed application, the following is required for an application to be considered. 

  • Proof that current property taxes have been paid.
  • Description of the the project and certificate from the Owner’s design professional.
  • Copy of the current BC Assessment Notice. 
  • $100 Application Fee.


Eligibility for the incentive is confirmed upon execution of the required Revitalization Tax Exemption Agreement in accordance with the District's Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw.

Once all the conditions of the Bylaw and Agreement are met, the District will issue a Revitalization Tax Exemption Certificate and the incentive (tax relief) begins the following year. 

Questions relating to the Revitalization Tax Exemption Program may be directed to the Finance Department at 250-836-2477 Ext. 2030 or

Subdivision of Property

Subdivision is the process in which a newly created lot is brought into the market. As such each proposed lot must meet the District and Provincial standards for development. A Subdivision Application may be used when creating a new lot, consolidating existing lots, adjusting the boundaries of existing lots or strata conversions.

Subdivision Process 

The subdivision process requires the involvement of a BC Land Surveyor and typically a lawyer or notary to complete the process through the BC Land Title and Survey office. These costs are the sole responsibility of the applicant. 

Homeowners considering subdivision are encouraged to review the zoning of the existing lot to ensure minimum lot size requirements are met for each lot creation being proposed.

Subdivision applications require assessment by the District's Approving Officer,  Development Services Manager, to determine servicing standards and community considerations.

Once the application is reviewed, the Development Services Manager will send a Preliminary Review Letter to the applicant outlining conditions that must be satisfied before the Approving Officer signs and submits the application to the BC Land Title and Survey office.

Subdivision Fees 

Fees such as servicing installation and development cost charges are often applicable when subdividing your property. Staff can provide information on general costs; however, it is important to note that the actual costs and fees will be unknown until the application is reviewed.

  • $450 for first lot created (Fee Simple or Strata Subdivision) 
  • $100 for each additional lot created (Fee Simple or Strata Subdivision) 
  • $100 Contaminated Sites Profile 

Subdivision Application Form 


Notifications regarding development proposals are mailed by the District to all property owners within a 50m radius of a proposed development. These notices are sent for Development Variance Permits, Development Permits, Official Community Plan Amendments and Rezoning applications. If you have concerns or questions regarding a development proposal notification you received, please contact the Planning Department at 250-836-2477. A binder containing information regarding the development will also be available for viewing at the District Office. Staff reports with recommendations are available the Friday prior to the Council meeting in which the application will be considered.

BC Land Title and Survey maintains all records related to land parcels within the province. If you require a survey of your property, please contact a BC Land Surveyor.

Access legal documents found on Certificate of Title 

Access to legal documents found on the Certificate of Title for your property (e.g. covenants, easements, notices, assignment of rents, etc.) can be retrieved through the Service BC office located in Salmon Arm. Please note there are costs associated with the retrieval of documents or plans.

Property Site Plans & Development Applications 

Site plans that may have been submitted through a previous building permit or development application may be requested from our Planning or Building Department. Documents retrieved through the civic filing system will only be released to a property owner or his/her agent and fees for photocopying apply.

District of Sicamous Official Community Plan 

District Zoning Bylaw & Map 

The District Zoning Bylaw regulates how land, buildings and other structures may be used in the municipality. The current Zoning Bylaw was adopted in 1993 and is under draft review.

Development Cost Charge Bylaw

This Bylaw outlines the District's ability to impose development charges upon the developer to assist the District with the cost of constructing or expanding sewage, water, drainage and highway facilities (other than off- street parking facilities) and providing or improving
parkland to service the new development. 

Development Application Procedures Bylaw

The Development Application Procedures Bylaw establishes the fees and applications to amend the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw and for permits under Part 26 of the Local Government Act

Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw  

This Bylaw allows the District to provide development tax incentives for the purpose of encouraging revitalization areas in within the municipality.

Contact the Development Services Department 

Homeowners who have questions regarding the permitting or inspection process, are always welcome to contact the Development Services Department at 250-836-2477 or email