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  • Meet Our Healthcare Team

Sicamous Community Health Centre

The Sicamous Community Health Centre is accepting new patients!

Call 250-836-2817 to book an appointment.


What is a CHC?

A Community Health Centre (CHC) is a model of health service delivery. CHCs are governed locally, either by a municipality or not-for-profit, and are different than a private medical clinic that requires the physician to undertake the administration of operating the clinic. By shifting to a CHC, the District will take over all administrative duties allowing physicians and other healthcare providers to focus on what matters most - patient care.

Will the District have access to my private medical file?

Only those authorized to access medical files, such as physicians and health care support staff, will have access to your private medical information. Although the District will be assuming the overall administration of the clinic, your files will continue to be held in confidence by the medical staff at the clinic as per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Who will be my doctor?

The District is pleased to announce that Dr. Saad Alam has been hired as the full-time family physician with Dr. Edmondson and Dr. Connick as part-time family physicians.  The District will continue to recruit other healthcare providers to meet the needs of our community. Meet our healthcare team here.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call the clinic directly at 250-836-2817 and either Sandra and Carla will be happy to assist you in booking a medical appointment.

How does this affect my taxes?

The District will bill the Province through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) for the services provided. This revenue will offset the operational costs including wages, equipment and building costs. Initially a deficit is expected; however, with additional physicians the District is expecting a 100% cost recovery of the service within three to five years.

What health services will be offered?

The medical services needed by the community will be met through team-based care as determined by your physician. For contact information of other health and wellness services, visit our medical services directory.