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  • Meet Our Healthcare Team

Meet Our Healthcare Team


The District is pleased to announce that Dr. Saad Alam will begin working at the clinic as the primary family physician on July 19, 2021.

"I am very excited to relocate and start practicing at Sicamous this summer. I would be completing my Family Practice training at UBC in Kelowna soon, and look forward to always providing my patients with the best medical care that they deserve. I also believe in empowering my patients so they can have a better understanding of their health conditions. My areas of interest include mental health, sports medicine, addictions medicine and surgical assists. I am open to adapting my style of practice in a way that suits the people of Sicamous the most and look forward to meeting everyone in the near future." 

- Dr. Saad Alam

"I am Dr. Carol D. Connick, a family physician who graduated from medical school at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 1992.  I was born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta in a family of 7 with 4 siblings.

I began my family practice in Spruce Grove, Alberta in 1992 which varied from general family medical care and delivering babies to working emergency care and assisting in operative care.  After the birth of my last child, I transitioned to working fully as a hospitalist in 2003 assisting in the pre- and post-operative medical care for surgical specialties.   I currently work at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

My family and I have been coming to Sicamous for holidays since 1998 and built our summer home here in 2012.  We fell in love with the weather, activities and the community.  As our kids were becoming more independent, my partner and I felt drawn to find out how we could help contribute to the community.  In 2018, I was able to arrange all my shifts at the hospital in Edmonton in a 2.5-week span of a 5-week rotation schedule. This allowed me to work part-time in Sicamous for the remaining 2-2.5 weeks.  In June 2019, I joined the Sicamous Medical Clinic.

I am a big believer in empowering patients to make health decisions for themselves and to take accountability for their actions or inactions.

My intention is to continue to work in Sicamous, part-time, to support the community of Sicamous, to support any and all physicians, and to support the medical care team moving forward in this transition."