Utility Billing Annual

Annual Billings are processed in January of each year and due March 1st. A discount of 10% is applied if paid by March 1st, and a penalty of 10% is applied if not paid by July 1st.

Water and Sewer rates are dependent on the use of the property.

If you are required to be connected to the sewer and have not done so as yet, a non-compliant fee is charged.

Due to the difference between the flat rates and the metered rates it may be beneficial for residential users to look at the option of converting to a meter. Meters provide the users the opportunity to benefit financially for any water conservation methods they put in place within their premise. Conservation of water, in turn, will affect the costs of the District of Sicamous Water Utility. If you wish to consider the purchase and installation of a water meter, please contact the District Office for further details.

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