Live More Live Well Strategy Survey


  • This survey has 4 questions.
  • In the first question we ask you to read through a list of 10 Livability Factors and tell us your top 5 choices of those factors.
  • The remaining three questions you get to type out your answers.
  • No personal identifying information is collected in this survey; your submission will be kept anonymous.
    • In questions 2-4, please limit the amount of narrative information that may reveal the identity of yourself or other persons.

Thank you!







Of the TEN factors listed below (A-I), which do you think are the FIVE most important for making your community more livable?

A: Economic Development

  • Economic Diversity

B: Health & Wellbeing

  • Healthy Behaviours
  • Access to Health Care
  • Quality of Health Care

C: Housing

  • Housing Accessibility
  • Housing Options
  • Housing Affordability

D: Built Environment (Planning & Zoning)

  • Proximity to Destinations
  • Mixed Use Neighborhoods
  • Personal Safety
  • Neighborhood Quality

E: Culture & Arts

  • Availability of Space & Resources
  • Entertainment / Recreation
  • Historical & Traditional

F: Safety & Preparedness

  • Community Emergency Services
  • Neighbourhood & Community Protection Planning
  • Access to Emergency

G: Social & Support Services

  • Availability of Support Servies from a Variety of Sources
  • Quality of Services

H: Natural Environment

  • Waterways
  • Hillsides
  • Flora & Fauna

I: Transportation

  • Convenient Transportation Options
  • Transportation Costs
  • Safe Streets
  • Accessible System Design

*Please choose only FIVE of the TEN factors (A-J).* 
*If you choose more than 5, we will only be able to include the first 5 you submit in our results.*