The District is working on several projects this summer!

This includes Short-term Rentals, Main Street Design, Housing Needs, and a Draft Zoning Bylaw.

More information on each project and opportunities for public input can be found below.



Short-Term Rentals

Survey (Closes July 31)
Mapping Exercise
Mapping Instructions

As a destination community, Sicamous attracts vacationers in both the winter and summer months. In recent years, online services such as Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) or Airbnb have become popular in residential neighbourhoods, as an alternative to a hotel. There can be a negative impact on local hotel businesses, the availability of housing, and the residential character of neighborhoods. 

There are a number of opportunities to provide your thoughts on short-term rentals in Sicamous, including a survey, mapping exercise and in-person and online consultation events.

Main Street Revitalization

Survey (Closes August 6)
Mapping Exercise
Mapping Instructions

The District of Sicamous is working on a Downtown revitalization plan and is seeking input on the road cross section for Main Street. Particularly, for the south side of Main Street to support the future developments (Healing Centre, etc.). This includes road and sidewalk width, parking type, street furnishings, intersection treatments, and boulevards. 

There are a number of opportunities to provide your comments and concerns regarding the south side of Main Street design including a survey, mapping exercise and in-person and online consultation events.

"The street is a place to be seen. Sociability is a large part of why cities exist, and the streets are a major if not the only public place for that sociability to develop. At the same time, the street is a place to be alone, to be private, to wonder what it was once like, or what it could be like. It is a place for the mind to wander, triggered by something there on the street or by something internal, more personal, a place to walk while whatever inside unfolds, yet again." 

(Allan B Jacobs, Great Streets)

Housing Needs

Survey (Closes September 10th)
Mapping Exercise
Mapping Instructions

In collaboration with CitySpaces, we are conducting a housing needs assessment to help us better understand current and future housing needs. The resulting Housing Needs Report will be used as a foundation for planning and will inform residential development for at least the next five years. We will be connecting with the public and stakeholders through in-person and online consultation, starting with a survey.  


Draft Zoning Bylaw

Mapping Exercise
Mapping Instructions

In 2020, Holland Planning Innovations prepared a draft zoning bylaw to replace the District of Sicamous Zoning Bylaw No. 101, 1993. We can't wait to share a preview with you ahead of official consultation events!  

Please see the event schedule on this page for more information.

Draft Bylaw

Current Bylaw
Draft Map

Current Map

RM Zone

LH Zone

RR-1 Zone

LH Zone 

A-1 Zone

LH Zone

R-1 Zone

R1&2 Zone

CR Zone

CR Zone

R-2 Zone

R1A Zone

R-3 Zone

R4 Zone

R-4 Zone

CDZ.02 Zone

MFR Zone

R5 Zone

MHP Zone

R4 Zone

RVP-1 Zone

RVSP.1 Zone


Community Mapping Excercise

Sometimes, it is easier to share your thoughts when you can point to a place on a map! Share your comments and photos of things around Sicamous that you love, that make you go "meh", or where you would love to see something new.

Please add pins and provide comment or photos where you have comments regarding our current consultation topics:

  • Short-term Rentals
  • Main Street
  • Housing
  • Zoning bylaw draft

Mapping Instructions



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