Public Hearings

A Public Hearing provides you with the opportunity to inform Council of your support or opposition on rezoning and Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment applications.

  • Residents within 50 metres of a proposed project are notified of the Public Hearing by mailed correspondence. A Notice of Public Hearing is also advertised in two consecutive issues of local newspapers - the Eagle Valley News and Shuswap Market News.
  • The Public Hearing Notice gives a brief description of the project. Detailed information is available at the District Office.
  • The purpose of the Public Hearing is to give all interested persons an opportunity to voice their concerns and support or opposition to Council on any application that is the subject of the Public Hearing.

How can I voice my opinion regarding an application?

Before the Public Hearing

You can send correspondence and petitions to Mayor and Council by:

Any written submissions will form part of the public record and will appear on the District’s website as part of the meeting agenda. Please do not include any personal information that you do not wish to be disclosed.

On the night of the Public Hearing 

  • Anyone may make relevant comments.
  • Written submissions may be filed with the Corporate Officer prior to the close of the Public Hearing.

During the Public Hearing

  • The Chair will read the Public Hearing opening statement.
  • The Corporate Officer will provide a synopsis of the application.
  • The Chair will open the floor for comments.
  • When it’s your turn to speak, please clearly state your name and address for the record.
  • After speakers have been heard, the Chair will ask three times if there are any other speakers, and if there are none, the next bylaw will be addressed or the Public Hearing adjourned.

After the Public Hearing

  • The Bylaws heard at the Public Hearing are included on the Agenda for Council to consider for third reading.
  • When deliberating third reading of a bylaw, Council takes into consideration not only the information received at the Public Hearing, but also all other information provided prior to the Public Hearing, as well as the District's policies and objectives. Examples of this information include submissions from the applicant, applicant’s consultants, stakeholders’ submissions and reports from District Staff.
  • Council cannot receive submissions from anyone after the Public Hearing has concluded.


Contact Corporate Services at 250-836-2477 or by email at