Strategic Priorities

Achievements & Updates

Development of Housing Project was revised to Support for Affordable Housing Projects and changed to a multi-term project: Council is delighted to announce that the District has committed to lease up to 1.5 acres, comprised of the southern portions of 417, 425 and 433 Main Street, to Eagle Valley Senior Citizen’s Housing Society (EVSCHS) for the purpose of affordable housing. This partnership with EVSCHS will see the construction of 36 affordable housing units funded by grants received from BC Housing and the National Housing Strategy. The next step is to finalize the design and layout of the housing with construction expected in 2022. Council will now focus on supporting the development of new affordable housing project in Sicamous.

Municipal Boundary Expansion: Upon receipt of a petition from property owners to consider an expansion of the District’s boundaries to include properties up to and including Hyde Mountain Golf Course, the District will engage property owners to gauge community support before proceeding with a Municipal Boundary Expansion Study or preparing a proposal to the Province.

Development of Shuswap Healing Centre & Recruitment of Medical Professionals was merged with Creation of Seniors Daycare and Respite Services to create a new Strategic Priority: Development of a Community Health Centre & Provisions of Local Health Services: This follows the announcement of $5.9 million from the Rural & Northern Communities Fund and the successful recruitment of an International Medical Graduate to provide care as a family physician. The District will continue to recruit physicians, and other health care providers as part of the establishment of a Community Health Centre.

Develop Community Wellness Strategy & Wellness Centre: The Live More Live Well Strategy has been written and was adopted by Council in early 2020. As half of the priority was completed, this item was updated. The Recruitment of Medical Professionals priority was combined with the Development of the Shuswap Healing Centre.

Support & Encourage DOSDC: As the District of Sicamous Development Corporation (DOSDC) has been incorporated since February 2018, and various projects are underway including the MRDT (which is anticipated to be approved later in 2020), this item was considered accomplished and removed from the list. As the sole shareholder, Council implicitly supports as well as directs the work of the Board of Directors of the DOSDC.

Community Beautification - Unsightly Premises Bylaw: Bylaw No. 257, 1997 was repealed and replaced by the Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 1005, 2021 to mitigate unsightly premises and improve the aesthetics of our community.

Investment in Roads: This priority was withdrawn as it falls within the regular duties of the Operations Department and does not require championship in order to be achieved.