Wiseman Creek

Following the 2021 Two Mile Road Wildfire, the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District retained BGC Engineering Inc. to complete a hazard assessment in the areas impacted. In its Assessment Report, BGC identified the risk of a post-wildfire debris flow.

The fire affected Wiseman Creek, which flows onto the Sicamous Creek fan-delta complex and is located immediately south of the town of Sicamous. This fan-delta complex is composed of sediments of Sicamous Creek, Wiseman Creek and a small unnamed creek south of Wiseman Creek.

This work was commissioned following a separate hazard assessment for Sicamous Creek currently being completed by BGC for the Fraser Basin Council (FBC). During fieldwork for FBC, Wiseman Creek watershed was identified by BGC as being prone to post-wildfire debris flows.

Wiseman Creek Assessment Report

There are no Evacuation Alerts or Orders at this time.

What is an Evacuation Alert

This is the time to get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Get your grab-and-go bags ready, your emergency plan, copies of important documents and important mementos.

Follow the District and Shuswap Emergency Program for further information on the situation.

What is an Evacuation Order? 

Leave the area immediately. Follow the directions of local emergency officials and evacuate using the route(s) they’ve identified. Do not return home until you’ve been advised that the Evacuation Order has been rescinded. For those needing additional support, an Emergency Support Services Reception Centre will be opened at the Sicamous Seniors Centre located at 1091 Shuswap Ave. 

What is a debris flow and how serious is it?

A debris flow is a fast, flowing landslide comprised of mud, rocks, trees and water. Debris flows can move faster than even the fastest person can run. They can sweep away cars and can bury or destroy homes.

The District of Sicamous and the Shuswap Emergency Program needs Two Mile residents to take this information seriously. There is a very real risk to both lives and property. Cold winter conditions are more favourable for slope stability, but spring rains combined with melt will increase the risk of debris flow.

Are there signs that the landslide risks are increasing? What should I do?

There are things residents can look for in the area and if you notice them, they should be reported. Take action if you:

  • See a change in water flow or colour in creek,
  • Notice blockages in culverts,
  • Notice rocks falling down the slope,
  • Hear trees cracking or falling.

In those cases, contact Tom Hansen, emergency program coordinator, during business hours at 250.833.5910. After hours, please call 1.877.996.3344. If the situation is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

What can Two Mile residents do?

Stay informed. Pay attention to the District of Sicamous and Shuswap Emergency Program websites, and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Connect with your neighbours and participate in a Neigbourhood Emergency Program. Make plans for how you will handle the situation if an emergency occurs while you are away from home.        

Sign up for Alertable, the CSRD’s emergency notification system which would be used to directly alert to your cell phone, landline or computer in case of emergency. The District of Sicamous is part of this region-wide program run by the CSRD. 

Register for Alertable!

Funding has been secured from the Province of BC to develop an Early Warning System that will assist in alerting residents in the Wiseman Creek area of the District of Sicamous to potential threats from post-wildfire landslides.

News Release

Presentation to District Council:

On March 9, 2022, Protective Services Team Leader for the CSRD, Derek Sutherland, presented to District Council on the status of  Wiseman Creek.

Wiseman Creek Presentation

Wiseman Creek Options Report:

The Wiseman Creek Mitigation Options Analysis was prepared by BGC Engineering after a hazard assessment determined the area is subject to a high risk of a debris flow due to the conditions created by the past summer’s Two Mile wildfire.

This is of particular concern for the residents of the Sicamous Creek Mobile Home Park, which is located on the Wiseman Creek fan and would likely be in the path of any debris flow. Risks of the debris flow increase with snowmelt and spring rain.

Staff from the District of Sicamous and the Shuswap Emergency Program met with residents of the mobile home park on Thursday, February 10, 2022, to review the report and provide emergency preparedness information.

The Shuswap Emergency Program, which is contracted to provide emergency service to the District of Sicamous, is in communications with Emergency Management BC regarding the feasibility of the options outlined in the report and the next course of action.

Additional Resouces:

May 19, 2023

On May 17, 2023, at 6 p.m. the District of Sicamous and Shuswap Emergency Program hosted a Community Meeting to promote readiness for residents in the Wiseman Creek area.

The meeting was held at Municipal Hall - Council Chambers, 446 Main Street.

Wiseman Creek Sicamous Public Meeting May 17, 2023

March 31, 2022

On March 31, 2022, the District of Sicamous and Shuswap Emergency Program hosted an additional Two Mile Community Meeting at the Seniors Centre to give updates on the Wiseman Creek debris flow risks in the Two Mile area.

The meeting was hosted online via ZOOM and was recorded for those who were unable to attend. 

Zoom Meeting Recording: 

December 13, 2021

On December 13, 2021, the District of Sicamous and Shuswap Emergency Program hosted a Community Meeting at the Red Barn Arts Centre to discuss post-wildfire landslide risks in the Two Mile area.

Matthias Jakob, Principal Geoscientist with BGC Engineering, provided a presentation to attendees who participated both in person and online. Along with Jakob, the meeting panelists included Engineering Geologist Hazel Wong, District of Sicamous Fire Chief Brett Ogino and Derek Sutherland with the Shuswap Emergency Program. 

The meeting was hosted online via ZOOM and was recorded for those who were unable to attend. 

ZOOM Meeting Recording: