Flag, Roundabout & Proclamation Requests

The District of Sicamous considers requests for courtesy flags, roundabout light-ups and proclamations. Please review the following information before submitting your request.

International Epilepsy Day: February 12, 2024
International Epilepsy Day: February 12, 2024

The district accepts requests to display colours on the Sicamous roundabout in support of registered not-for-profits or charities. 

Requests are at the discretion of the operations manager and will be included as “Correspondence for Information" at the next council meeting. If a request is denied, you can appeal in writing for the council to reconsider. Please send to corporate@sicamous.ca. 

Please submit the Roundabout Request Form.

See Correspondence Policy No. A 10 for more information.

Communities in Bloom Week: May 6-11, 2024
Communities in Bloom Week: May 6-11, 2024

The district considers proclamation requests from organizations that demonstrate sponsorship and benefit the community, and reserves the right to accept or reject any requests for proclamations or declarations. 

Eligible organizations include:

  • Charitable organizations
  • Societies or associations organizing a public exhibition, game or contest involving athletic skills of sport
  • Any organization considered to contribute to the general interest and advantage of the municipality
  • Arts or cultural centres operating within the municipality
  • Organizations advancing the general interests of municipal affairs or celebrating an event of public interest

Submit the Proclamation Request Form.

View Proclamations Policy C-7 to learn more.

Municipal Hall Flag Pole
Municipal Hall Flag Pole

The district accepts courtesy flag requests to recognize municipal events and to allow not-for-profit community groups to promote their initiatives.

Requests to fly a flag on the Municipal Hall flag pole must be submitted 30 days in advance and are considered by council in consultation with the CAO.

The district will will not accept flag requests from the following:

  • Organizations that are political or partisan in nature;
  • Organizations that promote hatred, violence, racism or discrimination of any kind;
  • Religious organizations; or
  • Commercial entities.

Submit the Courtesy Flag Request Form.

Rules & Regulations:

  • Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • An organization's flag cannot be flown more than twice per calendar year for a period not exceeding seven continuous days.
  • Flags will only be raised or lowered on business days that the district office is open.
  • The flag must be supplied by the group and be in excellent condition.
  • The flag will be collected by the organization within a week of its lowering.
  • No courtesy flag will be flown during times of half-masting. District use and emergencies take precedence.

View Flag Policy No. C-12 to learn more.