Bylaws & Bylaw Enforcement


District Bylaws can be viewed here. For more information about District bylaws, please contact the Corporate Officer at 250-836-2477 or by e-mail:

DISCLAIMER: While we attempt to keep our online bylaws and maps as current as possible, if it is critical that the most current information is obtained, please verify with the District's Corporate Officer.

Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement provides inspections and regulatory work related to the enforcement of District Bylaws. The overarching philosophy of Bylaw Enforcement Services is to achieve voluntary compliance through education and information.

How to Report a Bylaw Violation

  • The most efficient way to report a bylaw violation is by completing the online bylaw complaint form. Alternatively, you may download a complaint form or complete one in person at the District Office, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  • You may also submit a report by calling the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250-833-6952 or via email at

Submit a Bylaw Complaint

By-law Enforcement will require contact information in confidence (phone number, email, residential address) to follow-up on concerns, to provide a response and commence an investigation.


Contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250-836-2477 or email

Everything listed below is available as a PDF HERE.

District of Sicamous Sign Bylaw No. 814, 2011 can be found HERE.

Why does the District of Sicamous need a Sign Bylaw?

  1. To encourage signage that is compatible with surroundings, appropriate to the activity, and expressive of the identity of individuals and the community.
  2. To protect the public from the effects of signs that may conflict with other signs or lights erected for the direction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  3. To protect the public from the dangers of inferior construction and from the nuisances or hazards arising from improperly sited signs.
  4. To protect various sectors of the District from the effects of signs which may be inappropriate as to appearance, size, height, design, and location.
  5. To permit the proper identification of businesses within the District and to indicate the types and trade names of goods and services manufactured or sold on or off the premises.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: Where can I find the Bylaw?
A: This Bylaw, along with other District Bylaws, can be found on our website at or by contacting the District at 250-836-2477.

Q: I am having a garage sale, can I put up signs? 
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Where can I put a sign?
A: On your property, on the District Right-of-Way, on bulletin boards

Q: Where can I NOT put a sign?
A: Hydro poles, fire hydrants, or over street signs.

Q: I have started a home-based business and want a sign. Do I need a permit?
A: Yes, you need a permit for this and a District Business licence as well. Visit the District Office or call 250-836-2477 for more information.

Q: I am from out of town and want to advertise my business in Sicamous, can I do that?
A: Yes, you can, however there is a little more to it than just putting up a sign, please call Bylaw Enforcement and we will be happy to review the requirements with you.

Everything listed below is available as a PDF HERE.

District of Sicamous Outdoor Burning Bylaw No. 452, 2002 can be found HERE.

Why does the District of Sicamous need an Outdoor Burning Bylaw?

  1. To ensure that outdoor fires are burned in a safe and controlled manner.
  2. To prohibit the burning of noxious and toxic materials.
  3. To ensure backyard fires are of a size small enough to be easily extinguished.
  4. To ensure fires do not become a nuisance to the neighbouring properties.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q. Where can I find the Bylaw?
A: This Bylaw, along with other District Bylaws, can be found here or by contacting the District at 250-836-2477.

Q: Can I burn during a Provincial fire ban? 
A: No, our Bylaw is subject to Provincial restrictions.

Q: Can I burn leaves and yard trimmings? 
A: Yes, however they are restricted to the first two weeks of April and the last two weeks in October.

Q: My yard waste fire is smoky how do I prevent that? 
A: Start your fire with clean seasoned wood to ensure a hot fire and add small amounts of damp materials periodically to keep it hot.

For more information on this or any other District Bylaw please contact Bylaw Enforcement at 250-836-2477 or

Why is there a Water Regulations Bylaw?

  • The Bylaw provides for clean potable water and the expansion of the water system
    to include all properties in Sicamous.
  • It regulates water use during peak seasons to ensure safe reservoir levels within the
  • It outlines penalties and rates for those guilty of infraction or in breach of the

Things to know:

  • A property owner could have their water service turned off or disconnected if they
    are in violation of water regulation, zoning or business licensing bylaws.
  • It is unlawful to interfere, meddle or tamper with District property relating to the
    District of Sicamous water system.
  • Water restrictions are an annual occurrence between April 15 and September 15
    and violations are restrictions could result in fines.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Where can I find the Water Regulations, Rental and Connection Charge Bylaw No.
185, 1995?
A: Bylaws are available online at and District Hall (446 Main Street)

Q: How often can I use a sprinkling system on my lawn?
A: Each year, between the dates of April 15th and September 15th, sprinkling is
permitted 7:00-11:00 a.m. and 7:00 -11:00 p.m. Even numbered houses may water
during these times on even numbered days and odd numbered houses may water on
odd numbered days.

Q: Does the same schedule apply to automated sprinkling systems?
A: No. If you have an automated sprinkling system, you are permitted to water between
Midnight (12:00 a.m.) and 5:00 a.m. for a period of one hour per programmed cycle.

Q: Is there ever an exception to these regulations?
A: Yes. If your property requires sprinkling on a regular basis solely for the purpose of
maintaining and stabilizing newly seeded area or new turf. However, property owners
must also take steps to conserve water whenever possible.

For more information, please contact the District's Bylaw Enforcement Officer at:
250-836-2477 |

Everything listed below is available as a PDF HERE.

District of Sicamous Traffic Bylaw No. 778, 2011 can be found HERE.

Why is there a Traffic Bylaw?

The District of Sicamous’ Traffic Bylaw regulates activities on municipal roadways for the protection of public safety and to ensure traffic flow is maintained in the community.

Things to Know:

  • The District Bylaw Officer enforces the regulations set out in the Traffic Bylaw.
  • Issuing municipal tickets is the primary enforcement measure for bylaw violations.
  • The registered vehicle owner is responsible for the ticket regardless of who was driving the vehicle at the time the ticket was issued.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most common traffic infractions?

Bylaw Enforcement patrols the community daily to ensure drivers follow parking regulations. Posted signs notify drivers about parking regulations. Bylaw Enforcement also informs motorists how to park legally when there is no sign. Common parking infractions include:

  • Parking too close to fire hydrants, driveways, and intersections.
  • Parking in “No Parking” zones.
  • Parking a vehicle against the flow of traffic.
  • Parking or stopping in “No Stopping” zones (parks, school areas, and residential zones).
  • Parking in areas that impede access for emergency vehicles.

What are the most common fines?

Obstruction of Traffic    $100
Parking contrary to signage $100
Parking on a sidewalk $100
Parking within 5m of a fire hydrant $300

Can I dispute a parking ticket?

Yes. Ticket disputes must be submitted in writing within 14 days of the date the ticket was issued. Please contact the District Office at 250-836-2477 or email for details.

Why was my vehicle impounded?

Any ticketed vehicle may be impounded. The most common reason for towing a vehicle is to uphold public safety; however, other reasons may include:

  • Demand for the location.
  • Inconvenience to others.
  • The ticket history of the vehicle.
  • The likelihood the vehicle will remain long enough to be towed.

How do I recover my vehicle if it has been towed?

Ben’s Towing (729 Trans-Canada Frontage) and Eagle Rock Towing (1233 Titus Road) handle towing requests for the District of Sicamous. You may contact the District Office or Sicamous RCMP Detachment to confirm the location. Impound fees are the responsibility of the registered owner(s).

Everything listed below is available as a PDF HERE.

District of Sicamous Animal Control Bylaw No. 1013, 2022 can be found HERE.


Animal Control Bylaw No. 1013, 2022 provides standards for animal control and protection within the District. The new comprehensive bylaw was adopted in April 2022, replacing Dog Control Bylaw No. 228, 1997. This bylaw is meant to promote quality of life, civic responsibility, and positive relationships between neighbours in the municipality.


  • All pets must wear an identification tag with the name and contact information of their owner.
  • Animals must not be left unattended in vehicles between April 30th and October 1st of each year.
  • Owners must ensure their pets do not create a nuisance. Animals may not disturb the peace, quiet, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of individuals in their  immediate vicinity.


Does the Animal Control Bylaw Regulate cats?

Yes, the new Bylaw regulates the care and control of all pets within the municipality. It is the responsibility of owners to ensure their pets do not create a nuisance for neighbours.

Is there a limit to the number of household pets you may have?

Yes, there is a limit of three (3) dogs per household unless there is a licenced animal-related business located on the premise. This includes retail pet stores, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, kennels, and animal-breeding businesses.

Are dogs allowed to be off leash in public areas within the community?

Dogs must always be on a leash unless they are on their owners’ property or within designated off-leash areas within the District, such as the Sicamous Dog Park (1450 Sicamous Solsqua Rd). When in public areas, dogs must be on leash, and they are not allowed to travel beyond the paved pathways.

Are there instances where an animal may be seized by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer?

Yes, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer may seize an animal that is at large or is deemed to be a “dangerous dog”. The definition of a “dangerous dog” is outlined within the bylaw.

Can animal owners be fined?

Yes, animal owners may be fined for offences outlined within the Animal Control Bylaw No. 1013, 2022. See the full list of fines by visiting the Bylaws & Bylaw Enforcement webpage on

How do I make a bylaw complaint regarding animals?

Complete the complaint form online or in person at Municipal Hall. If possible, please provide the address of the owner and a picture of the animal. This allows Bylaw  Enforcement to confirm the identity of the animal in question.

For more information, please contact the District's Bylaw Enforcement Officer at:
250-836-2477 |