Capital Projects

Capital improvements to infrastructure and facilities are an investment in our future and make Sicamous a better place to live.

Capital investment in infrastructure plays an important role in enabling economic development and supporting anticipated growth by providing services where and when they will be needed and by extending the operational lifespan of the District's assets. Capital projects are typically funded by annual contributions from operating or from grants, reserves or by debt servicing.

Capital Projects Completed

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Old Town Bay Boat Launch
  • Water main upgrade along Highway 97A

Capital Projects in Progress

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades (Progress Report - Dec 2017)
  • Shuswap Ave sidewalk and power underground
  • Roundabout Centerpiece
  • New Entrance Signs

Future Capital Projects

  • Solsqua Road service extension
  • Tennis Courts
  • Additional washroom facilities at 2 locations