FireSmart Program

FireSmart is a national program that is focused on reducing property loss and damage due to wildfire. Wildfire is a natural phenomenon that has the potential to be very destructive. Science and research has shown that properties and neighborhoods who prepare in advance of a wildfire have a much greater success of reducing loss.

The District of Sicamous was successful in obtaining two FireSmart Grants for 2021-2022. A number of resources are available to residents free of charge. A rebate program of up to $500 may be available to you. Seniors and other vulnerable residents may also qualify for a grant to have FireSmart mitigation work completed for them at no cost. All residents are eligible for a free FireSmart Property Assessment by one of our trained fire professionals.

More information is also available at FireSmart BC and FireSmart Canada. We all have a personal responsibility to educate ourselves and take action to reduce personal risk. Act now.

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