Property Tax Payment Options

Pay your property taxes and apply for the Home Owner Grant before the first business day in July every year to avoid a penalty. We recommend paying through your bank or signing up for monthly prepayment to take the stress out of taxes.

Search for "Sicamous" as a payee and select "Sicamous District tax" (or property tax). Use the roll (folio) number found on your tax notice as the account number. Include the jurisdiction number 348 but do not use spaces or punctuation.

If the roll (folio) number and the jurisdiction number together (11-digits) doesn't work, try just your roll (folio) number without the 348.

Most banks require 11 digits, but some only use the 8 digits of your roll (folio) number.

Pay your property taxes and utilities by credit card through Paymentus Corporation, a third-party-automated payment service that accepts Visa and MasterCard. Paymentus will charge a convenience fee of 2.5% of your tax or utility payment which will be added to your payment amount. This service is also available through an automated telephone system by calling 1-855-347-9799.

Take the stress out of paying taxes by setting up monthly prepayments. Simple interest will be paid on your prepayments at the Government of BC Interest rate on overpayment of taxes (prime lending rate less 2%). This interest is considered a tax discount by the Canada Revenue Agency and is tax free.

For more information, visit our Prepayment Programs page.

Payments via cheque or money order may be left in the After-Hours Deposit Box. Please remember to indicate your tax roll (folio) number on your cheque. The After-Hours Drop Box is located to the right of the entrance doors of Municipal Hall located at 446 Main Street.

  • Send a payment and the Home Owner Grant application (if applicable) to the District of Sicamous, PO Box 219, Sicamous, BC V0E 2V0.
  • Write the roll number on your cheque and ensure that the cheque is payable to the District of Sicamous.
  • Post-dated cheques are accepted.
  • Mail lost or delayed by the post office will be assessed with a penalty if late, as the postmark will not be considered as the date of payment.
  • Mail in a post-dated cheque early to avoid penalties.
  • In the event of a postal disruption, please utilize alternative payment methods to ensure that payment is received by the due date.

Methods of payment accepted include:

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Money Order
  • Cheque payable to the District of Sicamous

Office Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays). Please view the Community Calendar

Please note that as of 2021 you must apply for your Home Owner Grant through the province. The deadline to claim your grant falls on the same day property taxes are due - the next business day following July 1. 


Use your original current tax notice to make payment at your local financial institution as some will not accept reprints.

The District of Sicamous is not responsible for errors made by financial institutions. Follow up with your financial institution to find out more.

  • If it is your mortgage company's intent to pay your property tax, a Mortgage Code will be shown on the top right of the property tax notice.
  • The Home Owner Grant application (if applicable) must still be completed and returned to the District of Sicamous by the due date.
  • Please ensure that your mortgage provider is aware whether or not you are claiming the grant each year.
  • The District of Sicamous is not responsible for errors made by mortgage providers.