Shuswap (Secwépemc) Healing Centre

The Shuswap Healing Centre seeks to be a place where residents from Sicamous and the region can access health and wellness services from birth to end-of-life.

The 15,000 sqft one-story building will house the Sicamous Community Health Centre (previously the Sicamous Medical Clinic), provide space for allied health professionals, and create functional space that will be able to be used by a variety of community groups. 

The District has heard from its residents the importance of preserving green space in its downtown and the retention of community outdoor space will be prioritized as part of the overall project.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Shuswap Healing Centre Project

The contract for the design and preconstruction services of the Shuswap Healing Centre was awarded to Scotts Builder Inc. at the September 8, 2021 Regular Council Meeting. 

The Design Team, with includes health-care consultant Dr. Avein Saaty-Tafoya and Indigenous Architect Douglas Cardinal, visited Sicamous in the Fall of 2021. In September, Dr. Saaty-Tafoya participated in several round-table discussions with the District, Splatsin and community stakeholders to gain a better understanding of our community’s healthcare needs. The following month, Mr. Cardinal started the architectural process by guiding the District of Sicamous and Splatsin through design visioning sessions.

The overall design aims to be sustainable, reducing energy consumption in both the construction and operation of the facility. Another important consideration in the design of the Shuswap (Secwépemc) Healing Centre is the Sicamous’ “Live More, Live Well Strategy" which was adopted by Council in 2018. 

Council has confirmed 200 Main Street as the home of the Shuswap (Secwépemc) Healing Centre, keeping the project closer to the water which has historical and cultural significance to Splatsin who valued “Sek’maws (Sicamous) as an important fishing village. District Staff recently created a conceptual drawing of the building’s proposed positioning on the property which will not only maintain, but incorporate existing trees into the design and create an outdoor community gathering space on Main Street. The construction of this facility will encourage investment in the downtown core by injecting capital and attracting ancillary investment opportunities for both the private and public sectors.

This is not a final design.

This conceptual drawing identifies the space that will be allocated for each component of the Shuswap Healing Centre. The 15,000 sqft one-story building will include the medical clinic, a healing centre, accommodation for visiting locums, and community space that will be able to be used by a variety of community groups. 

The District has heard from its residents the importance of preserving green space in its downtown and the retention of community outdoor space will be prioritized as part of the overall project. 

The District will preserve and enhance 0.53 acres of the existing green space at 200 Main Street for outdoor community space. We welcome your input on what you would like to see as part of the green space at 200 Main Street.

A Class D Estimate is prepared when a project is at the “Conceptual Design” stage, identifying preliminary spatial needs and their estimate construction costs.  As the project approaches the Final Design stage, a ‘Class B Estimate’ will reflect a more accurate estimate of the total construction costs. This will allow the District to influence the final design to fit within the District’s budget.

In 2020, the District of Sicamous was awarded $5.9 Million through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program under the Rural and Northern Communities Fund for the design and construction of the Shuswap Healing Centre. This funding was awarded based on the commitment of the District to Truth and Reconciliation efforts; the Shuswap Healing Centre will seek to provide culturally appropriate services that respond to the 94 Calls to Action.

The District continues to fundraise for the project, pursuing grants and other external revenue sources to fund the construction of the Shuswap Healing Centre. 

As of March 2022, the design team will begin to formulate the detailed design of the facility based on the needs assessment completed in late 2021 and visioning sessions held with stakeholders.

Currently, the design team has begun preparing conceptual designs for the building, including proposed space allocation for the Shuswap Healing Centre. Upon finalization of a detailed design, the District will be required to apply for a Development Permit, followed by an application for a Building Permit. 

Submit your comments and questions to the District. 



Lead Architect, Douglas Cardinal

Douglas Cardinal (Architect)
Douglas Cardinal (Architect)

As Lead Architect, Douglas Cardinal will be responsible for the development and design of the new Shuswap Healing Centre. Following stakeholder engagement, Douglas will create the designs for the Shuswap Healing Centre that capture and embody the spirit and values of our community.

"The Vision is an organic process of fusing all thoughts and ideas shared, in an expression of common understanding. This is the true consensus; when everyone’s perspective is present in the formalization of the Vision itself."

-Douglas Cardinal

Project Contact

If you have questions regarding the Shuswap Healing Centre project, please contact Town Manager Evan Parliament.

Evan Parliament, Town Manager for the District of Sicamous

Phone  250-517-8049