Street Sweeping Program

Every spring, winter sand and debris from District roadways, boulevards and sidewalks. There are phases to this process, and we appreciate your patience!

Contractors are hired to complete street sweeping activities in the District. Our Public Works staff assist by manually sweeping once the contractors have removed the bulk of the debris.

High traffic areas, such as the downtown core, hills and collector roads. Residential areas follow. The District has 89 lane-km of roadway and approximately 8km of concrete sidewalk.

It typically takes a sweeper 12-14 days to clean and polish the 89 lane-km. When the stars align and we can secure two or three sweepers, the process can be completed pretty quickly.

Street sweeping generally occurs mid-March to April. However, the timeline is dependent on weather conditions and contractor availability. This year, the process may seem more stretched out due to a late winter and stubborn snow piles along boulevards.

You can lend a helping hand by parking vehicles off the road and moving other items that could impact sweepers such as basketball hoops and hockey nets. You can also sweep your sidewalks to the curb. Be sure to evenly distribute and avoid making piles for better collection from sweepers.

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