Short-Term Rentals

Updated: February 10, 2023

As a destination community, Sicamous attracts vacationers year-round. In recent years, online services such as Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) or Airbnb have become popular in residential neighbourhoods as an alternative to traditional tourist accommodation like hotels or motels. However, short term rentals can have a negative impact on local hotel businesses, the availability of housing, and the residential character of neighborhoods.

As such, the District has implemented regulations for short term rentals through the New Zoning Bylaw.

What you need to know:

As of January 11, 2023, short term rentals are now permitted in specific zones. Please note that business licences are required to operate a short term rental within the District of Sicamous. 

We encourage you to contact the District if you currently operate a short term rental to determine your eligibility and licensing requirements to continue operations. 

View our map to check zoning.

Licenced Short Term Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts can be found by viewing the District's Short Term Rental Map. Visit the map to find:

  • Licenced Businesses
  • Contact Information for the Local Responsible Person
  • Maximum occupancy of a unit
  • Maximum number of vehicles permitted


Explore Short Term Rentals

Engagement regarding the regulation of short term rentals was ongoing throughout the New Zoning Bylaw adoption process. A number of events and mailouts were completed to provide residents and property owners with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss how changes to the zoning bylaw would affect short term rentals in Sicamous:

Dec 14, 2022 Public Hearing -2
Sept 28, 2022 Public Hearing -1
July 15, 2022 Open House
June 2022 Mailout 
July 8, 2021 Online Workshop
July 2, 2021 Open House
June 30, 2021 Open House
June - July 2021 Survey
June 2021 Mailout

Survey Results:

Survey Monkey Results (2021)

The New Zoning Bylaw defines "Short Term Rentals" as follows:

Short Term Rentals means the use of a Dwelling Unit as a Sleeping Unit.

Sleeping Unit means a unit of accommodation, not subject to a tenancy agreement, for rental on a daily, weekly, or monthly rate and may include a bathroom and cooking facilities.

A Short Term Rental should not be confused with a "Bed & Breakfast."

The New Zoning Bylaw defines "Bed & Breakfast as follows:

Bed & Breakfast means a Home Based Business that provides temporary accommodation within a Sleeping Unit, subject to General Regulations. 

Home Based Business means an occupation or profession by a resident of the Dwelling Unit that is Accessory to the Residential or Agricultural use of the Parcel that does not change the Residential or Agricultural character or appearance of the Dwelling Unit, Building or Parcel. A Home Based Business may include Family Day Care.

The District's New Zoning Bylaw No. 1000, 2022 defines and regulates where Short Term Rentals are permitted and includes specific conditions to operate a Short Term Rental such as the requirement for licencing or occupancy limits. 

Permitted Zones:

  • CR Country Residential
  • MUR-2 Seasonal Accommodation
  • C-1 to C-4 & C-6 Commercial Zones (as a "Tourist Accommodation")

General Regulations:

Where permitted by this bylaw, a Short Term Rental shall be subject to the following conditions (3.10.9):

a. a person must not carry on business as a Short Term Rental operator unless the person holds a valid licence issued under the provisions of this bylaw and the Business Licence  Bylaw;

b. Off-Street Parking must be provided in accordance with Schedule D.

c. Local Responsible Person

(i) a person may only operate a Short Term Rental in a premises, other than their            permanent Dwelling Unit, if they designate a local responsible person who at all        times that the Short Term Rental is operated, has access to the premises                      and authority to make decisions in relation to the premises and the rental                    agreement;

(ii) a person may only operate a Short Term Rental if they ensure that the name and       contact information of the local responsible person is prominently displayed in           the Short Term Rental premises when the Short Term Rental is operated;

(iii) the local responsible person must be able to attend at the Short Term Rental              premises within 1 hour of being requested to do so;

d. maximum occupancy shall be limited to two adults per bedroom.

Excerpt: Zoning Bylaw 1000, 2022 (Gen Regs)

Parking Regulations:

Short Term Rental: 1 space per bedroom available (D.2.1)

Parking Stall Size (D.1.2.a):

(i) 6 m in length by 2.8 m in width;
(ii) 2.2 m in clear height;
(iii) 12 m in length by 4 m in width for recreation Vehicle;

Please refer to the excerpt below for complete parking regulations:

Excerpt: Zoning Bylaw 1000, 2022 (Parking)

View our map to check zoning.

The Zoning Bylaw was adopted at the January 11, 2023 Regular Council Meeting.

Regulations aim to balance the interest in having short-term rentals in our community with measures that protect long-term rentals, limit impacts on neighbouring properties and ensure equality among short-term accommodation providers.

Regulations for Short-Term Rentals speak to the following:

  • Requirement for a Business License
  • Provision of Off-Street Parking
  • Requirement for a Local Responsible Person who has authority to make decisions for the property and can attend the premise within one-hour in response to complaints
  • Maximum occupancy limited to 2 adults per bedroom


Business Licencing Requirements

  • Appropriate Zoning
  • Pre-Application Checklist (ie. smoke alarms & emergency exists)
  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Parking Plan
  • MRDT & PST
  • Strata Consent Form
  • List of booking platforms that will be used
  • Requirement to include the following on all booking platforms: business licence number, number of bedrooms, number of parking spaces, maximum guest occupancy, maximum number of vehicles permitted
  • Contact details posted to District hosted short term rental map (for designated Local Responsible Person)
  • Requirement to provide guest registry to enforcement as requested, in response to a complaint

The District requires all short term rentals to be licensed. By licensing your accommodation and following regulations, you're helping limit negative impacts and ensure your accommodation is a 'good neighbour'. 

To apply for a license or find out more please visit our Business License page or contact the District at 250-836-2477.

The fee to operate a Short-Term Rental or Bed & Breakfast is $265.

License and Inspection Fees reflect the cost of providing the service. The business license fee was updated along side updates to the Business Licencing Bylaw.

Bylaw Updates:

Amendments to the Business Licencing Bylaw and Fees Bylaw were considered for First, Second, and Third Reading at the January 25, 2023 Regular Council Meeting, prior to adoption at the February 8, 2023 Regular Council Meeting.

Business Licencing Bylaw 

Fees Bylaw


If you are operating a short term rental, you are required to remit both a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) and Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT) for guest stays.

The District became a participating municipality of MRDT in September of 2020. This tax that applies to all accommodation sales is collected by the Province and directly returned to the District of Sicamous. These funds can only be spent on approved destination marketing, benefitting all accommodation providers by actively marketing Sicamous as a tourist destination. 2021 was the first full year MRDT was collected in Sicamous - over $83,000 was returned to the District in 2021 and was used towards promotional material & targeted ads, website investment and materials such as trail maps and visitor guides.

More information on how PST and MRDT apply to short-term accommodation sales can be found here. Some online platforms, such as Airbnb, may remit PST & MRDT on your behalf; however, it is your responsibility as the operator to ensure that both are remitted for all guest stays. Please direct any questions directly to the Province using the contact information at the end of the notice linked to above. 

We encourage all property owners to be good neighbours.

If guests of Short Term Rental or Bed & Breakfast are not cooperating with neighbours, please contact the Local Responsible Person, before seeking further intervention from the District. Find contact details for the Local Responsible Person by viewing the District's Short Term Rental Map.

Launch the Short Term Rental Map

Bylaw Enforcement seeks voluntary compliance with all District regulations through education and communication. It is a District priority to ensure short term rental operators comply with all applicable regulations and operators may face fines if compliance efforts require escalation. You may direct any nuisance complaints to Bylaw Enforcement at (250) 833-6952 or via email at

Example Offences:

  • Operating without a valid business license. 
  • Operating contrary to zoning restrictions. 
  • Listing or advertising a short-term rental without displaying a valid business license. 
  • Listing or advertising a short-term rental exceeding approved occupancy limits. 
  • Operating a short-term rental in a home that is not your principal residence (if required by zone). 
  • Operating in an unsafe or nuisance property. 
  • Refusing entry for inspection by a District representative. 

If you're aware of a short-term rental business operating without a licence, contact Development Services at

To apply for a licence, please visit our business licencing page.

Business Licencing

Contact: Nicole Hansen, Development Services Manager, District of Sicamous

P: (250)836-5269 | E: