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Community Education Series: The Impact of Trends in ‘Soft Drug Use,’ Known as ‘Gateway Drugs’

Wednesday, May 15, 2024
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Sicamous Library - 446 Main Street

The Impact of Trends in ‘Soft Drug Use,’ Known as ‘Gateway Drugs’
This gateway drug session will provide an inside look at how common 'soft drug'
use can lead children and families down a path to serious, addictive 'hard drug' use
found in our current opioid crisis. This session will also take a deeper look at the
impact 'soft drugs' like nicotine, alcohol, marijuana and prescription medications
have on our schools and families. If you missed our 2023 session on opioids, this
new session will give you a complete picture on drug-related issues.

Join The Eagle Valley Community Support Society along with Pam Beech and Siobhan Rich, for a series of educational workshops highlighting community safety. The purpose of these workshops is to offer education to families and provide a source of support that individuals and families can turn to for advice. Partners include the Interior Health Authority, the RCMP and the District of Sicamous.

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