Council endorses Active Transportation Network Plan for Sicamous

Posted On: Apr 14, 2023

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The Sicamous Active Transportation Network Plan is now complete! The plan was recently endorsed by council at the April 12, 2023 regular council meeting. 

The Active Transportation Plan helps inform and guide the development of infrastructure, policies and educational programs that support walking, cycling and other human-powered forms of transportation in the community. 

The vision for Sicamous:

"Active transportation in Sicamous is encouraged through a well-connected network that provides both residents and visitors safe routes throughout the community. The mix of paved and gravel multi-use trails, sidewalks, and bike facilities ensure year-round active transportation is available for recreation and commuting."

Goals identified in the plan include:

  1. Environment 
    • Invest in active transportation infrastructure and services, while protecting the environment and natural areas to encourage active transportation and increase the number of walking and cycling trips while reducing the number motor-vehicle trips.
  2. Connectivity
    • Establish an active transportation network that provides direct and intuitive walking and cycling connections between key community destinations, amenities, and residential neighbourhoods, in addition to advocating for safe and convenient crosswalks at local highways
  3. Safety 
    • Invest in active transportation facilities that are designed in accordance with BC’s Active Transportation Design Guide, offering adequate separation between people walking and biking, and motor vehicles, or ensuring vehicle speeds are low where separation is not provided
  4. Accessibility
    • Accessibility design and maintain year-round safe and comfortable active transportation facilities that can be used by people of all ages and abilities.

The District was fortunate to receive BC Active Transportation Grant Program funding to complete the plan with Urban Systems. 

Executive Summary 

Sicamous Active Transportation Network Plan