Backcountry Closures Petition

Posted On: May 06, 2019

Please sign the Petition 

Back Country Access Is Being Threatened In British Columbia!

The proposed recommendations within this plan would be devastating to our communities and affect everyone.  This action is being rushed by current government pushing forward their own agenda before an election. Don't be fooled, this is much bigger than caribou...  We need your voice and believe the provincial government has already made up their mind, neglecting their responsibility to carry out due process and meaningful community consultation basing decisions on biased science which clearly has not been effective in caribou recovery efforts to date.  The answer is NOT more closures!  This can be stopped at the federal level and their is still hope.

WE DEMAND that all negotiations halt immediately and  the  Provincial government negotiation teams and all government agencies:

1) Consult  openly with ALL users, stakeholders, businesses, and local government

2) Immediately begin economic and socio-economic impact studies on the Columbia Shuswap Region

3) Provide base line data on populations and relevant science based studies to support closures and recovery plans.