Statement from Mayor Anderson on cyberbullying, harassment and threats

Posted On: Mar 27, 2024

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Statement from Mayor Anderson on cyberbullying, harassment and threats

March 27, 2024—I would like to express concern for members of council and the community who have been threatened or bullied for voicing their views about the Shuswap North Okanagan Rail Trail.

As with council, there are different opinions in the community about the rezoning decision, the project itself and the potential impact on Sicamous.

We are fortunate to live in a society where we can express these differing views freely. Being able to debate with others about the issues that are important to us is part of what makes us, us. Causing harm to those whose views don’t align with our own is not.

Today, Sicamous RCMP Seargent Murray McNeil gave a presentation to council about complaints of cyberbullying, harassment and threats related to the Rail Trail decision and polarization and divisiveness in the community. No one deserves to be intimidated or threatened for their personal views. We can be passionate, and we can disagree, but please, let’s be respectful of our neighbours and fellow community members.

Remember that we all love Sicamous! We want our community to be safe. 

If you are being harassed or threatened and fear for your safety or the safety of those you know, please contact the Sicamous RCMP Detachment at 250-836-2878 to report the incident. If you are experiencing cyberbullying, please report the incident to the social media site. These sites typically have policies against abuse, and anyone in violation will be notified and prevented from using the site.

If you have concerns or questions for council, please share them with us. We serve the public and always welcome hearing from you. Our meetings include a 15-minute public input period to address council and committee members, and we welcome correspondence and presentations from the public. Concerns and questions can be emailed to



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