Appearing as a Delegation Before Council

A delegation is a term used for an individual or group who appears before council (or an advisory group of council) in order to:

  • Make a presentation;
  • Enter a request for action;
  • Bring Council up to date on a project/idea/concept; or
  • Provide further information on an issue currently before Council for a decision.

Council does not hear delegations regarding planning applications that have been or will be considered at a public hearing. Please see the Public Hearings webpage for more information.

  • Complete the Delegation Request Form.
  • Delegation requests must be submitted to the corporate officer no later than Noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting. 
  • The corporate officer or designate will contact you to approve your request or arrange an alternate meeting date.

Presentation materials must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the meeting. 

  • Speak clearly.
  • Keep your presentation brief and to the point (up to 15 minutes including questions and answers).
  • Council may ask questions for clarification. Address your answers to the Chair. 

  • Bring at least 10 copies of any supporting material not submitted for inclusion in the agenda package (the District cannot provide reproduction services at the meeting).
  • The name of the person(s) appearing as a delegation will form part of the public record and be published in the online agenda package.