Candidate Profiles

View the Candidate Profiles of the individuals running for District of Sicamous Council in the 2022 General Local Election 


I’m Colleen Anderson and I’m proud to be running for the Mayor of Sicamous. My husband and I fell in love with Sicamous 35 years ago. We have been Sicamous residents, working and contributing to our community for 16 years. 8 years ago, I decided I would like to play a bigger role in our District and ran for District council. I was honored to be elected, two terms.

My decision for running for the mayor, is fuelled by my passion for our community, my 8 years municipal experience, as well as the skill sets I bring to the position. I have a background in sales, marketing, and operations. I have chaired the finance committee for the past 4 years. I sit on the Tourism Advisory committee, I’m a board member of the Columbia Shuswap Watershed Council, and I’m also the liaison with the Sicamous Chamber of Commerce, working together to advocate for our businesses and our community.

I’m running on Principles - Integrity and Experience. My hope is to see more women step into the political ring, and I believe in leading by example.



I am passionate about the growth and future of our community. The foundation of who I am embraces innovation, collaboration, integrity and vision. These are the values I offer to the District of Sicamous.

Currently I sit on EVSCHS Board and Chair the DOS Housing Committee. Previously served on boards including; Chamber of Commerce, DOS Economic Development and the Affordable Housing committee. I believe the experience gained in those seats, qualifies me to work with a new council to continue the work that lays ahead.

In my 18 years of residency in Sicamous I have built BJ Design Interiors, created The Bridge Co-Share workspace and brought to life my vision for Bruhn Crossing - a place for community. I’ve acquired a variety of perspectives from listening to both residents and visitors that frequent Bruhn Crossing.

How can I influence and foster change? 

If elected as Mayor, I will strive to unite council, inspiring them to embrace a comprehensive vision for the future. Specifically, I plan to define a decision making system that holds Mayor and Council accountable supported by a Council Covenant whereby respect, integrity and transparency constitute the foundation of our core values.

I’m listening and TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER!

Let’s grow. Let’s thrive. Let’s develop such  strong foundation that our kids and grandkids stay here, work here, build homes here.

Let’s invite investors and businesses who will contribute to our community. Let’s build an economically sustainable future for our people, and out town. Let’s increase our population base and invite our seasonal residents to consider our town their year-round home. Let’s talk to our government about supporting our plans. Let’s talk about a care centre for people with dementia; something southern BC needs badly. Let’s invest in our own woodlot to generate income and ease the burden on taxpayers.

Let’s talk and let’s plan… together. I welcome your ideas and input.

My name is Larry Emery, and I want to be your mayor.

I worry about our town becoming less, disappearing from the map. Our kids move away and some of our townsfolk are already leaving to be closer to their children. Let’s turn it around and create jobs so the next generation wants to stay and can stay.

We have a choice. We either grow and evolve, or we don’t. I’m on the side of growth. Vote for me to be your mayor.

In 1974 I moved my young family north to start my own automotive and industrial supplies business and thirty years later I sold the business and moved back to southern British Columbia. 

I coached and played both hockey and fastball most of my life.  As well I enjoy curling. In 2000, I moved to Revelstoke and acquired a neighborhood pub. Upon selling the pub, I moved to Sicamous to manage the government liquor store which gave me the opportunity to meet most of our neighbors.  My relationship with Sharon has introduced me to the history and beauty of Sicamous and we wouldn’t live anywhere else.  Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to travel extensively, including destinations in central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, the US and Alaska.

In 2011 I was chosen to Council and in 2014 became the Mayor of Sicamous. This has provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in managing the financial affairs build relationships and encourage economic growth within the District.  As a result of my business and political experience. I believe I’m still a good choice to lead the upcoming team!

Candidate for Mayor 

Candidate Information:

  • Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance Level 4
  • Canadian Ski Coaches federation Level 3
  • 25 years working in the Ski Industry Teaching,Coaching, Managing
  • 20 years Residential Spec Home Contractor (Sunshine Coast)
  • 5 Years Commercial Framing (Sunshine Coast & Richmond)
  • 15 years Owner/Operator Gravel Truck ( Class 1 License)
  • 15 years Owner/Operator Excavating Contractor
  • Coached Pender Harbour Kids Softball
  • President Pender Harbour Citizens on Patrol
  • President Pender Harbour Chamber of Commerce
  • Currently Owner/Operator Sicamous Septic Installations ROWP PL,IN,MP,PI
  • 2 Terms (6 years) School Board Trustee, (Sunshine Coast School District 46)


I’ve lived in Sicamous and Malakwa my entire life, attending Eagle River Secondary.  Through my business of 16 years I work with local non profits and schools, connect with many residents and tourists, and am engaged with other businesses.  

I support the majority of current initiatives and planned development. I believe we need to continue to prioritize trail development in and around town, pedestrian crossings on our highways, improve access to health services, housing and attainable housing for all demographics, consider garbage/recycling/compost pick up and other options that will send less trash to our current landfill location. 

I want Sicamous to retain residents, attract business and visitors with thoughtful long-term planning that emphasizes the uniqueness of Sicamous. 

We need to deliver on the priorities that the people of Sicamous want.

I’ve been privileged to run 2 successful businesses in Sicamous through the worst of covid. We survived with the support of all the folks that make up this great community. Sicamous rallied around its local businesses when the times were tough and I for one will never forget that.

That’s why I want to give back some of my time and use my expertise in business and
government to help our town move forward.

I believe we need to focus on the priorities you want. Council is there to represent the people
and their hopes for our town. We clearly can’t do everything but the direction the council takes must be supported by our citizens.

Over my 25 years in various management and leadership positions I’ve come to appreciate the values of listening, hard work, direct and honest communications but also understanding
different viewpoints. I will bring those values with me if elected.

I look forward to meeting many of you during the campaign and earning your support.

My wife and I moved here from the lower mainland 10 years ago when I accepted a position with Work BC to provide employment services to the residence of Sicamous. As a Certified Career Development Practitioner with over 20 years experience, I was very aware of the issues and concerns that both employers and job seekers were facing. Affordable housing, a fare wage and the necessary skills for the job were the issues top of mind then and continue to be today.

Although I am semi retired, working for a local property maintenance company, I feel just as passionate about being part of the solution as I did when I represented Work BC on the Labour Market Action Team and several other committees. I have been involved with the Eagle Valley Senior Citizen Housing Society over the last 5 years and continue to serve as a director on the board.

My career with Work BC made possible for me to help people achieve their goals and in many scenarios a better way of life.

I feel I still have allot to offer my community. I believe my previous employment and my volunteer roles have prepared me for this next step.

Born to a WWII Veteran and his British "war bride", I schooled in the North Shuswap, graduated Grade 12 in Salmon Arm and have a UBC BSc degree in Rehabilitation Medicine. I married and settled in Salmon Arm. Discovering a passion for community development, I became a founding member of the Shuswap Children's Association and wrote my first funding proposal for a preschool.

I moved to Sicamous in 1979, raised a family of four children while managing and developing programs for the Sicamous Medical Clinic. Over 40 years I have worked with community members, all ages, and local governments, to develop supports and services like Figure Skating, recreation programs, Swim Club, Sexual Health, Moose Mouse Festivals, childcare, Senior supports, a youth skateboard park, a safe walking, scooting, biking perimeter path and accessible outdoor gym. Currently, my focus is on building viable, stable, 'inclusive' health and wellness services.

I am employed by Eagle Valley Seniors Housing Society, and am President of Eagle Valley Community Support Society, roles that enhance my knowledge of community need. Guided by entrepreneurial spirit, love of art, design, nature and "big picture" thinking I aim for beauty, health, employment, economic stability and livability.

Hi, my name is John Braun. I’ve been a resident of the Sicamous area for most of my life. I attended both Parkview elementary and graduated from Eagle River Secondary School. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and a proud father of three. We love Sicamous, and have chosen to raise our family here. I volunteered with Sicamous minor hockey; over the nine years my boys were able to play in town. We also opened our home and billeted Jr hockey players for five years. We run & own a local flower farm, and the community support has been amazing. I have chosen to run for council with the support of my family. I feel we as a community need to work at making housing attainable for all ages, build our economy so businesses don’t have to struggle through the off season, and get people back involved in our community. Although change can be hard, it's imperative to making a better future for our town. I think working together, we can make a great place, even better.  

Tammy Brown has been a full-time resident in Sicamous since 2016, and part-time as a vacation property owner for 10yrs prior to that.  She is a Wife, Mother and Grandmother who enjoys boating, fishing, painting and the arts. 

A Journeyman Electrician by Trade, Tammy is the current Facilities & Maintenance Manager for DECO Drugs, and a current Eagle Valley Arts Council Board member. Her previous 25+yrs experience are Maintenance, Supply Chain and Planning and Scheduling Management with the TransAlta Energy Corp and Diavik Diamonds.  It is with this experience she knows she can contribute to learning the policies and procedures associated with Council, provide communication and education to our community members and use that to influence the development and decisions being made on behalf of the district.  

Tammy is genuine & fair minded, whose core values are hard work, honesty, transparency, and integrity.  While previously having sat on "several" Committees and Teams, she has never held a Town Council position. Her decision to run now is based on having the time, commitment, and desire to contribute to the town/district and to ensure the well-being & interests of our entire community are being represented.   

I am Gord Bushell and I have decided to run for District Council again. I have been honored to serve as a Sicamous District Councillor for the past 2 terms. My experience, knowledge and understanding are what I bring to Council.

Work, opportunity and lifestyle played a big role in my decision to move to Sicamous. In 1984 I moved to Sicamous where I met my wife Brenda while working at Three Buoys Houseboats.  We have made many wonderful friends here and are grateful to call Sicamous our home.

I have over 40 years of business experience, both as an Employee and an Employer.

I believe that a Council working together will produce more positive results for our Community.

I believe in LISTENING to both sides of a story before making a decision and always trying to find a Win Win situation.

I believe our Decisions should be made with the “What is BEST for OUR Community” approach.

I believe in Accountability for all our Decision making.

I am hard-working, willing to listen to others and will do my best for all residents of Sicamous so that our community continues to be a better place to Live, Work and Play.

I am excited to be a councillor again for the District of Sicamous. I want to carry on the good work we have started and make Sicamous even stronger. 

I come from a small town in Saskatchewan and grew up in Moose Jaw. I attended the University of Saskatchewan, graduating in 1974 in Mechanical Engineering.

I joined Shell Canada and spent twenty years in Technical, Managerial, and Operations positions. From 1994 -98 I worked at Numac Energy in Operations and Management. I was a Corporate Officer and Vice President. I owned an Oilfield Consulting company until my retirement in 2012.

I married Joanne in 1974 and we have two professional children. We are a Christian Family. I am a high energy 'can-do' individual who loves challenges. I consider myself to be tough and fair. I have considerable budget and operating cost experience. While managing Shell's Peace River Complex in northern Alberta, we were able to reduce our operating costs from $18/Bbl to $8.50/Bbl. Harvard Business School published a Case study of this process. I served as a Director and President of Shell Canada's Credit Union.

I believe in walking the talk and leading by example.

I am seeking a Councillor position as I believe I can contribute to a vibrant and passionate community by applying my skills and experiences.

My name is Malcolm Makayev, son of Sonya Makayev. I retired in Sicamous 10 years ago. I have had the privilege of serving 2 terms as District of Sicamous Councillor, and am offering myself to serve another term. I am a results orientated person, I like to get things done f During my tenure, with the help of fellow Councillors, staff, Local Not for Profits, Regional, Provincial, Federal Governments, and Splatsin some accomplishments are; the Round- About, first Licenced Day Care (building owned by the community, debt free), purchased the rail trail, Built a sidewalk on Shuswap Avenue, Purchased the Medical Building , then purchased Sicamous Medical Clinic, that is owned by the community, and has over 2,500 patients, near completion of a New Official Community plan that will guide our community into the future, Partnering with Eagle Valley Senior Citizens Housing Society to bring 36 units of affordable housing, Partnering with Habitat for Humanity to bring about 50 new affordable housing units, got Sicamous recognized as an Age Friendly Community.

I need your support to ensure we get our affordable housing built, a Pedestrian Bridge at the end of Main Street, and keep Health care in our community.

My name is Siobhan Rich.  I have been in this community most of my life and returned permanently in 2017 as a small business owner to raise my two kids on the farm here in the Shuswap.

I currently sit on the DOS housing committee, have been PAC president at Parkview Elementary, Treasurer of Cambie Hall committee and have a passion for animal rescue, rehabilitation and control. I volunteer and fundraise for school breakfast program, Shuswap Paws and spaying and neutering cats.

Being out in the community is important to me and I take pride in my involvement.  I want to be a part of positive changes here in Sicamous.

Affordable housing, community betterment and progress and all things I will make a priority.