Nomination Packages

Declaration of candidates takes place at 4:00 pm on Friday, September 9, 2022.

Candidate Nomination Packages may be picked up at the District Office or printed from the links below. Please contact the Chief Election Officer if you have any questions about the required forms at or 250-836-5263.

Nomination documents must be filed with Sicamous’ Chief Election Officer during the nomination period:

9:00 am on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 to 4:00 pm on Friday, September 9, 2022

It is the nominee’s responsibility to ensure all required information is submitted to the Chief Election Officer by the deadline date, and that all information is accurate and complete.

Candidate Nomination Package Instructions

C1 - Candidate Cover Sheet & Checklist Form Mandatory for all candidates

Print your first and last name and indicate the office you are seeking. Form C1 must be used as the cover sheet of your nomination package; please ensure all required forms are included. Note that copies of completed forms will be available for public inspection at the District Office. Copies of forms C3 and C4 will be sent to Elections BC.

C2 - Nomination Documents Mandatory for all candidates.

You may choose to use your "usual name" instead of your legal name. Please note your nomination may be challenged on the basis that the “usual name” entered on Form C2 is not in fact your usual name.  The following information cannot appear on the ballot: an indication that the candidate is holding or has held an elected office; the candidate’s occupation; or an indication of a title, honour, degree or decoration received or held by the candidate.

A minimum of two qualified electors must sign your Nomination Paper.  You may choose to have more than two nominators. Even if one or more of your nominators is not qualified, your nomination will be valid as long as it is made by at least the minimum number of qualified nominators.  Space for additional nominators has been provided.

C3 - Other Information Provided by Candidate Mandatory for all candidates.

C4 - Appointment of Candidate Financial Agent Mandatory only if not acting as own financial agent.

Every candidate must have a financial agent – either you or someone you appoint. Financial agents keep campaign contribution and election expense records, and file the candidate disclosure statement required under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act with Elections BC. It is a campaign financing offence not to have a financial agent.

C5 - Appointment of Official Agent Mandatory only if an Official Agent is appointed.

Candidates may appoint an official agent to represent them in the election process. The official agent can act as a campaign manager or spokesperson or be the point of contact for the people helping on the election campaign. This form is required only if you have an official agent other than yourself.

C6 - Appointment of Candidate Scrutineer Mandatory only if scrutineer appointed.

Candidates may appoint scrutineers to observe voting and counting procedures. Candidates can appoint one scrutineer for each ballot box used at a voting place (there is one ballot box at the District of Sicamous voting place) during the general local election. All scrutineers must be appointed separately – one form per scrutineer.

Statement of Financial Disclosure Mandatory for all candidates.

Under the British Columbia Financial Disclosure Act, candidates for Mayor and Councillor must complete and file a Statement of Disclosure form with their nomination documents.  

Note that the Statement of Disclosure is different from the Campaign Financing Disclosure Statement, which must be filed with Elections BC after the election. For your reference, a copy of the Financial Disclosure Act is included in this package. If you have questions about the Statement of Disclosure form, it is suggested that you seek financial or legal counsel.

What Must be Disclosed?

For any questions related to the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, please contact Elections BC at 1-855-952-0280 or


Candidate Profile Optional, but recommended.

2022 election candidates are invited to submit a short profile, photo and contact information for inclusion on the candidate profile page of the District website.

Candidate Information Release Authorization Optional.

CivicInfo’s standard Candidate Information Release Form facilitates gathering data about candidates.

The information candidates choose to share will be posted on websites operated by CivicInfo BC ( This is the primary source through which the media, the public, provincial ministries, researchers, and others are able to obtain province-wide local election information.  

Canvasser Authorization Form

A canvasser may be an individual authorized in writing by a candidate in order to canvass voters and distribute candidate information on the candidate's behalf.  The Canvasser Authorization Form is a document held by a canvasser that authorizes access to multiple residence buildings during the campaign period.

The statutory period for receiving the nomination documents begins at 9 am on Tuesday, August 30 and ends at 4 pm on Friday, September 9, 2022.

You may fill in the nomination documents by hand or use the electronic versions available above. If you complete the forms electronically, you will need to print them out and ensure that they are signed and dated where required.

Nomination documents may be delivered by hand, mail, or other delivery service, or by fax (250-836-5314) or email (, with originals to follow to the District of Sicamous, 446 Main Street, PO Box 219, Sicamous, BC, V0E 2V0. The District Office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Originals of emails and faxes must be received by the Chief Election Officer by 4:30 pm on Friday, September 16, 2022 or candidacy is deemed withdrawn.

Candidates must make a solemn declaration on the documents. The declaration can be taken by a lawyer, notary or Commissioner for Taking Affidavits for British Columbia, but is most commonly taken by the Chief Election Officer or designate at the time the nomination papers are filed. Emailed or faxed nomination papers must include the completed solemn declaration.

It is highly recommended that candidates make an appointment for filing the nomination documents by contacting the Chief Election Officer (250-836-5263 or or Deputy Chief Election Officer at (250-836-2477 or

Candidates must file a Campaign Financing Disclosure Statement with Elections BC by Friday, January 13, 2023. You may file your disclosure statement up to 120 days after general voting day (by Monday, February 13, 2023); however, you will be subject to a $500 late filing fee.

Your campaign financing disclosure statement must include a full accounting of your campaign contributions, election expenses, and any monetary transfers between campaign accounts. Your disclosure statement will be published online by Elections BC following the filing deadline. You may be subject to severe penalties if you do not file a disclosure statement.

To access forms and for all inquiries related to Campaign Financing Disclosure Statements, please contact:

Elections BC
Phone: 250-387-5305
Toll-free: 1-855-952-0280 / TTY 1-888-456-5448