Community Member Recognition

Naming of District Assets

Established names can contribute significantly to community identity and pride.

With this in mind, the District accepts written requests to name or rename municipal assets in recognition of community members. Municipal assets include facilities, parks, properties, streets, or other amenities. 

Written requests are considered by the Naming Review Panel which includes the Mayor, Corporate Officer, Development Services Manager and Community Services Manager. Naming consideration also includes a public engagement process which provides the community 30 days to submit their comments on what has been proposed. 

View District Asset Naming Policy No. PW-18


Naming Guidelines


Names having geographic affiliation, which may include but are not limited
to the following references:

  • A neighborhood, community, or subdivision
  • An adjacent street
  • A noteworthy physical, environmental or scenic quality
  • A unique site characteristic or scenic quality
  • Proximity to a recognized facility or area
  • Topographical or ecological characteristics


Names having historical affiliation, which may include but are not limited to the
following reference:

  • A local or national historical event
  • Heritage events
  • First Nations influence


Names affiliated with individuals and/or organizations that have been part of the community for more than twenty years, the following criteria will be used to weigh the suitability of the name being proposed:

  • Individuals or families having a historical connection to the site (such as a previous
  • Individuals and/or organizations having a significant contribution to the
    community/district in one or more of the following areas:
    • Service as an elected representative to the municipality for at least four
    • Long-standing service in a voluntary capacity in community organizations
      such a service clubs, cultural groups, unions, ethnic organizations,
      community associations, professional organizations, etc.
    • Long-standing service in a voluntary or philanthropic capacity or having
      made a significant contribution in the areas of agriculture, arts and culture,
      co-operatives, education, business or industry, journalism, medicine,
      politics, region, science, public service, recreation or sports on a local,
      provincial, national or international scale.

Please submit a written request which includes background and biographical information that demonstrates the significance of the individual or organization within the community. 

Email Corporate Services at subject line "District Asset Naming Request: [name]". 

Current Naming Considerations

Rob Flockhart

NHLer Rob Flockhart’s hockey card may say Smithers, but he always called Sicamous home. The Flockhart family relocated to Sicamous in 1969. Rob represented Canada in the 1975 World Junior Championships and played five seasons in the NHL, beginning his career with the Vancouver Canucks. Alongside his brother and fellow NHLer Ron, the pair ran the Flocky Hockey Hockey school in Sicamous as well as Flocky’s, a popular food and drink establishment. Rob passed away on January 2, 2021. 

The Naming Review Panel has identified the Two Mile area for Mr. Flockhart's naming recognition.

Proposed Location

Lloyd Gavel

Long-time resident Lloyd Gavel, 96, was recently presented with a Community Champion Certificate for volunteer service in Sicamous which spanned five decades. Lloyd and his family moved to Sicamous in 1970 and he quickly become involved in the community through volunteerism. Mr. Gavel has volunteered with organizations such as the Sicamous Fire Department, Sicamous Legion Branch 99, the Kinsman, Eagle Valley Seniors Meals Society (Wheels to Meals) and community events such as the former Moose Mouse Days and Miss Sicamous Pageant. 

The Naming Review Panel has identified the trail connecting Gordon Mackie Lane and Highway 97A for Mr. Gavel's naming recognition. 

Proposed Location